Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quick Pasta Dinner

Wednesday night for dinner my boyfriend and I needed something quick that wouldn't be too too filling because we planned to go rock climbing afterwards.  Magic solution ... frozen ravioli! 
On the same trip to Mom's where we found that the Rising Moon Organics butternut squash ravioli is vegan, we also grabbed this artichoke and olive ravioli.  We'd had this one before, and again ... never noticed it happened to be vegan!  Though I'm not really sure what "70% organic" means ... :/ 
I bioled the pasta and topped with Whole Foods' roasted vegetable pasta sauce and some Parmela Parmesan
Quick and tasty! 
After dinner we enjoyed some sliced strawberries for dessert.  They are summer-perfect and beautiful right now.  The perfect sweet treat that won't make you feel guilty! 

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