Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Hike and Wegmans Lunch

Sunday I started my morning bright and early with a chocolate banana protein shake.  Yum! 
After breakfast my boyfriend and I went rock climbing and then headed out to enjoy the weather with a hike near Pretty Boy Reservoir Park
The area was beautiful and the weather was perfect, but unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy the hike much because we hadn't done our research about trails first.  We just mapped the park on the iPhone, parked, and looked around until we found a trail.  The trail led us about half a mile along the reservoir before petering out and forcing us to turn around. 

We did manage to spot some beautiful flowers along the way in addition to the great reservoir views, but not much of anything else ...

After hiking we headed over to Wegman's to pick up groceries and have lunch from their prepared foods section.  They have almost anything you can imagine, and helpfully label everything that is vegetarian or vegan, so it's easy to put together a tasty lunch. 

I put together a box with a beet and spinach salad, gardein chicken tenders, and falafel patties with vegan yogurt sauce.  The falafel had an odd consistency - like the chickpea mixture had been pureed too smooth, but the sauce was amazing and it ended up being my favorite item! 

I also avoided the sweet treats section and put together some mixed fruit for dessert instead.  Yay for healthy me! 

But healthy willpower only holds out for so long ...  Later at home that afternoon I had a big spoonful of Biscoff spread as a snack. 

For dinner it was leftover paella.  Didn't I say I would be eating this all week?!?!  There's still a ton left, so expect to see a lot more of it in upcoming posts ...

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