Sunday, April 28, 2013

Apparently Laziness Wins Over Healthy ... Pizza Night!

For breakfast Thursday I experimented a bit with my usual protein shake by adding some vanilla soy yogurt to the mix.  When I ate dairy products, I still wasn't much of a yogurt per son, and maybe this should have tipped me off that I wouldn't be much for soy yogurt either.  Plus, if I'm not really missing or craving something, why should I go out and try to add it to my diet?
So this will probably be the last vegan yogurt I buy ... unless I come across some recipe that calls for it specifically.  And then maybe I'll try almond or coconut yogurt instead. 
Adding yogurt to my smoothie made it thicker and probably upped the protein count, but I'm not sure I need it with protein powder in the mix too.  For Thursday's smoothie I mixed the yogurt, vanilla soymilk, vanilla protein powder, flax seed, a banana, frozen blueberries, and frozen raspberries.  That sounds like an incredibly involved smoothie ...  But it was delicious and filled me up until lunch. 
For lunch I enjoyed leftover Asian tofu and edamame
Mid-afternoon I snacked on some grape tomatoes and a plum ... continuing in my goal to eat healthy! 
Unfortunately, once dinner rolled around it seemed healthiness went a bit out the window in favor of easiness.  Not feeling like making dinner myself, I oped for pizza takeout from Papa John's.  I ordered a green pepper and onion pizza with cheese on half ... and we devoured the whole thing!!!  Not healthy at all.  But it was definitely tasty. 
Didn't I say something about baby steps?  Maybe I meant ant steps ...

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