Thursday, April 4, 2013

Indian Dinner at Cafe Spice

My favorite Indian Restaurant in the world (and yes, I've sampled a few abroad) is Cafe Spice in Cockeysville, MD.  I know, I know ... Cafe Spice is a horrible name for a restaurant of any kind, let alone an Indian restaurant.  But the food is amazing and the owners are as friendly as if they had just opened the restaurant and needed to win your loyalty. 

Plus, look how many vegetarian options!  (Apologies for the glare.) 

My boyfriend and I ordered and split the Vegetables Malabari and the Daal Tadkewali - both amazingly delicious.  I brought tupperware, but there was barely any leftovers!  Not sure why the daal looks so brown in the picture on the right - you can just see it peeking into the picture on the left, which shows its bright yellow color much better. 

I was a little sad to have to nix all the paneer dishes and anything with a creamy yogurt sauce - many of the best options! - but there were still plenty of vegan choices that used coconut milk or an herb and vegetable based sauce.  But the saddest part of all was that I couldn't enjoy the complementary rice pudding they brought at the end.  So sad!  Fortunately I was so full from all the other delicious food that I really hardly missed it ...

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