Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Lovely Day for a Walk

Yesterday morning I started my day, yet again, with a fruit smoothie.  This one was banana with mixed fruit (pineapple, strawberry, peach, and mango), with vanilla protein powder, flaxseed, and vanilla soymilk.  Yum. 
With things slowing down at work, I get more opportunity to enjoy the weather outside, and yesterday proved to be another lovely day for a walk ... at least when I first set out. 
I found a small waterfront park on Google maps that is about a mile from where I work, so I set out for it, trying to take a scenic route down residential streets.  There were flowers blooming, birds chirping, and a nice cool breeze. 
Unfortunately, about ten minutes into the walk I was a sweaty mess and my feet were already starting to blister :( 
I kept at it, though, and found the park I'd been looking for.  Some park ...  Not even a bench in sight!  
But luckily I'd actually passed another little park on the way and stopped for a little rest on my walk back. 
I still got the opportunity to see and smell beautiful flowers and this odd giant chicken outside a gas station ... 

When I got back to work, I enjoyed leftover mashed sweet potato from the awesome mac 'n cheese recipe, which I had mixed with salt, pepper, brown sugar, and earth balance butter.  I know, I know, more of a side dish ... but still tasty! 

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