Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Summer Sweater Shopping

... Say that three times fast!

Saturday on my way to DC I stopped by the Saks Off Fifth just outside Baltimore hoping to find some jeans (my current favorite jeans were purchased there, but I know I will inevitably destroy them so I was hoping to get a backup pair).  Sadly, they are mostly out of jeans - I'm guessing to make room for summer shorts and capris. 
But even though summer is coming (or perhaps already upon us), I still rifled through the sweater section remembering how chilly I felt all winter.  I came across this cute and incredibly warm sweater ... and it's even vegan!  Though it's scratchy and there are tons of alternatives, wool is often a winter staple and can be hard to escape.  But this sweater proved to be soft and really warm.  I even managed to wear it for about an hour Sunday night when it was chilly after the cooking class - fortunately I'd also managed to forget and leave it in the car after purchasing it Saturday.  Now I can't wait for some cooler weather or perhaps a trip to Northern Europe to wear my new find :) 

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