Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vegan Italian Cooking Class

Every year for our anniversary, my boyfriend and I like to give each other "us" gifts - a gift that is a gift to the both of us, rather than something for the other person.  Usually we go with an experience that will enrich both our lives.  Though our anniversary was at the end of March, my "us" gift this year had to be a bit belated, because it was a vegan Italian cooking class that took place this past Sunday. 
The class was run by a wonderful woman from Italy who has lived in the US for six years, and since moving here became first vegetarian and then vegan.  And luckily for us, she has spent a lot of time veganizing all of the amazing Italian recipes she grew up with.  She teaches monthly classes at her home and also maintains the Le Veganelle Facebook page. 

The pic above is my boyfriend working on stuffed pizza filling. While we were there she also told us she uses this book for her cheese recipes - we had the chance to sample a few of her cheeses and they were amazing.

During the class we prepared five dishes:

1. Insalata di rinforzo
2. Spaghetti alla carbonara
3. Zucchine alla scapece
4. Pizza rustica di Pasqua
5. Pastiera

We also got to play with a few of her pets - like these cute ferrets after they woke up from their nap. 
Here are pictures of the amazing food ... before we gobbled it all up! 
Stuffed pizza and the zucchini side dish

Spaghetti Carbonara
Zucchini - definitely my favorite non-dessert dish
Cauliflower and pickel salad
Dessert - my favorite

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