Sunday, April 21, 2013

So Many Shoes So Little Time

I finally abandoned my old, incredibly comfortable and versatile black sandals after a trip to Costa Rica last fall, and now that Spring has arrived I'm finding myself desperately in need of replacing them.  I stopped by DSW on my way home from work Thursday to look for said black sandals - preferably of the comfy and versatile variety - and of course came home with a pair of shoes that was decidedly not black sandals. 
I bought these Steve Madden ballet flats from the clearance section at 40% off the already cheap DSW price - yay!  They are the tiniest bit big (size 6 - I have incredibly small feet) and I could probably have used half a size smaller, but they don't slip off when I walk, and I even used them on a long walk Friday afternoon with no issues at all. 

I've now worn them three days in a row and am thoroughly loving them.  They definitely fit the comfy criteria, and I'd say they're pretty versatile even though they're so distinct-looking.  But I'm still in need of black sandals ...  Guess I'll have to go shopping again soon!

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