Monday, April 22, 2013

Panda Loves Tofurkey and Another Spring Walk

For lunch Friday I decided to make a pretty typical lunch for non-vegans - a turkey and cheese sandwich.  But of course for me this meant turning to Tofurkey vegan turkey and trying out some vegan cheese.  A while back I bought two different kinds of vegan cheese for a taste comparison, and the Go Veggie pepper jack has been the clear winner for me over the Rice cheddar cheese.  The rice cheese was actually so disgusting I didn't even want to swallow the tiny nibble I took.  The Go Veggie, on the other hand, has some pretty good flavor and feels and melts a lot like real cheese.  I would never say that you can't tell the difference because it's obviously still very different from real cheese, but it's a decent alternative if you really want a slice of cheese on your sandwich.  (I tossed out the rice cheese.) 
Any time I pull Tofurkey out of the fridge, Panda starts going crazy rubbing against my legs begging for some.  She's pretty food obsessed in general, but for some reason Tofurkey is just the best thing ever to her.  So naturally I indulged her in a little treat. 
I added tomato and pickles to my sandwich for a wonderful lunch!

After lunch I wanted a sweet treat, so I had a spoonful of Biscoff spread.  It's basically a spreadable version of the delicious cookies you get on Delta airlines.  The jar says it's a European peanut butter-like spread to enjoy on toast or in a sandwich with jam.  I haven't gotten that far yet and have just been eating it by the spoonful straight out of the jar!  Yum. 
After lunch I walked to the library to return a book on  disc I'd been listening to while driving to work - a great way to pass the time if it's a good book.  I wore my new shoes for the walk, which could have been a huge mistake because it was about two miles round-trip, but the shoes performed great and I didn't have a single blister or even start of a blister! 

On the walk I spotted this incredibly tall tree that I never remember seeing before even though it's so close to my house.  It's amazing the things you miss if you don't take the time to really look at your surroundings. 

As always during Spring in Baltimore I also saw tons of amazing flowers, like this really unique flowering tree (or large bush ... I'm not quite sure). 

I also took some time to marvel at the amazing architecture in central Baltimore.  It's easy to forget what a historic city this is and fortunately its rich ancestry means that there are still some incredibly beautiful buildings around.  This isn't even one of the most amazing, but I thought this wrought iron balcony and flowering tree was so quintessentially Baltimore I had to take a picture!

This Church is another example of amazing architecture along my walk.  When I travel to other countries I often find myself marveling at old churches there, but it's easy to forget about the ones that are a little closer to home.  

And of course, even right outside a magnificent old church you can find more recent works of art, like this bit of street art adorning an electric box. 

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