Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weigh-In and More Asian Food

Sunday I decided to use my Wii to do a weigh-in.  (Like my mii?  I think it looks like me ...) I didn't become vegan to lose weight, but I suppose I'm as vain as everyone else and I did hope a bit that it would be a side benefit.  The first week I actually lost about 4 pounds, but it seems like that was just a shock factor or something, because since then I've steadily gone back towards my starting weight.  Sunday's weigh-in was no exception: 0.4 lb increase :(  Oh well.  I'm doing it for the animals, right? 
Sunday was another beautiful day, so my boyfriend and I enjoyed lunch outside for the first time in months.  Yet again, I made my new favorite Asian meal - pressed tofu, broccoli, and Thai peanut sauce, served on bean threads.  Tasty and healthy! 

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