Friday, April 12, 2013

Maybe I Should Stop Trying to Eat Soup?

Mid-morning at work yesterday I snacked on some baby carrots and peanut butter. It proved to be a really satisfying snack that was still pretty healthy. But check out this Frankencarrot I got in the mix ... scary!
Once I finally got hungry for lunch I microwaved some Thai sweet potato soup I found at the store a few weeks back.  I'd thought the soup looked promising, but sadly it ended up watery and tasteless. 
There were chunks of sweet potato in the watery mix, but they were too soft too be appetizing.  It was actually pretty gross once you hit upon one.  Maybe if this soup had been blended it would have been pallatable, but as it was I ended up throwing the last 1/3 or so out.  Yuck. 

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