Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More and More Success Dining Out!

I'm really excited because I've been having more and more success dining out lately.  Monday night at work was another win.  I tried again to order salad with no cheese and ... it actually came that way! 

Small victories, right?  I didn't even bother to ask for no red onions since you can take those off so easily ...  (And no worries, I tossed that butter and ate my roll plain :P) 
I still ordered a side of fries, but there were so many I didn't even eat half.  I know it's a waste, but I always like to hedge my bets by ordering two items just in case one is a disaster or they forget to deliver it altogether or something.  And unfortunately fries don't really save ... they just end up soggy and disgusting. 
It's another late night at work tonight, so we'll see what I end up doing for food.  But I'm optimistic!

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