Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Free Food Anxiety

Yesterday at work we had a little lunch get-together with tons of free food, including fruit, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, wrap sandwiches, and chips.  There was actually a vegan wrap sandwich option - woohoo - but unfortunately you could only tell by the color of the toothpick stuck in the sandwich, and I accidentally got one with the right color toothpick but that had mayo on it.  Whomp whomp.  Luckily the other two I grabbed were actually vegan.  That's right, I'm a pig when free food is involved. 
I also got to enjoy fruit and chips, but I was really sorry to ignore all those tasty looking desserts.  To make up for it I went back to my office and dug into a bunch of kettle corn for a sweet treat. 
Yesterday was also the last late Monday night I will be having at work for quite a while, so it was my last time forced to order in with everyone else.  For dinner I ordered another portabello mushroom sandwich with fries.  Several other people oohed and aahed at how good it looked.  That's right, be jealous of my delicious vegan dinner!  But now that I won't be having all these late nights at work, I will have to concentrate a bit more on eating healthy.  Which is somewhat easier to do when I cook for myself. Tonight's menu plan is vegan mac 'n cheese ... not exactly healthy.  I guess I'll start tomorrow. 

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