Thursday, April 4, 2013

Alfredo-ish Pasta Attempt Gone Awry

I had a fair amount of leftover cashew cream enchilada filling from Saturday's dinner, so this morning I decided to conduct a little experiment preparing my lunch for work.  I prepared some gimelli pasta, then tossed it with some spinach and a bit of the cashew cream.  The picture below was taken this morning, when the cream was creamy and lunch looked really appetizing. 
Unfortunately, when it came time to reheat lunch about six hours later, it ended up a goopy mess - and not a particularly tasty goopy mess. I was really disappointed. Luckily, I found myself with only about fifteen minutes between meetings to wolf down my food, so I didn't have much time to contemplate my disappointment (or time to document it with a photo). 
I think trying this again in the future might be okay if I was planning to eat the food right away, but it just doesn't work in a reheating scenario. 
I have just a little cashew cream left now, so I'm trying to think of one more way to use my new find.  I definitely won't be wasting it to see if I can make this work on my second try.  And it seems I won't be experimenting with tomorrow's workday lunch either.  Maybe something breakfasty?  Hmmm ....

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