Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Amazing Mac 'n Cheese ... Finally!!!

Last night for dinner I made amazingly creamy, velvety mac 'n cheese ... with no cheese!  I used this recipe for fake out mac 'n cheese and am officially in love.  It's even healthy (except for the pasta).  Seriously, the woman who devised this is a genuis ... and my new hero.  I made the recipe without the parsley (both because I didn't have any and because I don't really care for it much), but otherwise I followed everything to a T.  On first bite I thought maybe the mustard flavor was a little much, but my boyfriend thought it was great and a few bites in it grew on me. 
Rather than the traditional elbow macaroni, I used Barilla shells.  Once the sauce was all blended up (with plenty of leftovers for me to enjoy the rest of this week), it was super simple to put the rest together.  While the pasta boiled I decided to saute up some mustard greens in an attempt to replicate that awesome appetizer I had at Donna's. 

I've got to say, this was another winner.  (Winning meal all around last night!)  I sauteed some onion while I chopped up the mustard greens, then tossed both with red pepper flakes and sesame seeds.  Yum! 

Seriously, look how amazing this meal looks!  The mac 'n cheese looks like it's straight out of the Kraft boxes from college (er, childhood), and the mustard greens were just the right amount of bitter, spicy, and nutty.  Plus, eating greens always makes a meal feel just a bit healthier.  Both of these recipes are definitely keepers. 

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