Monday, April 15, 2013

Open-Faced S'mores

Friday night for dinner I had leftover veganized goulash - yum.  After dinner I was still in the mood for a sweet treat, so I put together a vegan version of s'mores that was amazing and really hit the spot. 
I started by mixing some peanut butter with a bit of coconut cream, which tasted sort of like whipped nougat in a bowl.  You could almost eat this stuff plain with a spoon! 

I spread the peanut butter coconut mixture on some graham crackers and sprinkled with chocolate chips and voila ... open-faced s'mores!  Next time I think I will put the chocolate chips on first and nuke them for a few seconds to get them gooey before spreading on the peanut butter coconut stuff.  Mmmm mmmm.  

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