Monday, April 1, 2013

Asian Dinner and Whole Foods Truffles

Friday night for dinner I turned once again to Asian dinner - pressed tofu, broccoli, and Thai peanut sauce over bean threads. 

After pressing the tofu, I pan fried it in sesame oil (I used a bit more oil and cut the tofu a bit thinner this time, which I think gave it a much better consistency at the end.  This was an especially fortunate choice because my boyfriend was a firm believer that you can only get good tofu at restaurants, and I *think* I might have finally changed his mind. 

Then I poured off the excess oil and sauteed the tofu and broccoli for a bit before adding the sauce and heating through until the sauce thickened a bit. 

I served it the same way, over bean threads softened in hot water, then drained and tossed with sesame oil and red pepper flakes. 

Unfortunately I took my first look at the nutrition information on the bean threads and learned that they basically have no nutritional value at all. 
They don't have any protein, just carbs, but they are about half the calories of "regular" noodles, so I suppose that's something. 
Nutritional value or not, this is an incredibly tasty dinner that's quick and easy to make, and it seemed to win over the boyfriend as well.  It's definitely something I'll be turning to again and again. 

After dinner I was in the mood for a sweet treat, so I had a couple of delicious caramel truffles from Whole Foods.  I'd heard the original truffles were vegan, but on a whim I decided to check out the ingredient list on the caramel truffles and was soooo happy when I saw that they were vegan as well!  Yum yum. 

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