Friday, April 5, 2013

Morning Protein Shake

I have almost the same thing for breakfast every morning.  I always have one of two smoothies: either one made with a banana, some sort of frozen fruit, vanilla soymilk, and flax seed; or one made with a banana, peanut butter, chocolate soymilk, and flax seed.  Even before becoming vegan, a morning smoothie was my preferred breakfast because it's easy, delicious, and filling.  When I became vegan I tweaked the recipe by adding protein powder - either vanilla or chocolate, depending on the smoothie I'm making. 
About a month and a half ago I further perfected this routine by purchasing a cuisinart blender that came with four to-go cups, so you can blend your smoothie right in the cup.  Voila - an even faster, on-the-go breakfast! 
I've even gotten my boyfriend in the habit.  Now, instead of heading off to work with nothing, at least I know he's had a little something to start his day.  Plus it's a little extra protein in his diet, which I'm sure every growing boy needs :) 

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