Monday, April 29, 2013

Baltimore Veg Fest

Saturday I spent the morning running errands, including using a Groupon to get a much needed haircut.  In the afternoon, I headed over to Baltimore VegFest to check out vendors of delicious vegan food and other vegan products.  There was a pretty good turnout, and the weather and location were great for the event. 
There were tons of booths and food carts set up.  I wish I'd shown up hungrier! 

I ended up breaking down for a few food samples.  After tasting a couple of the options at the Peanut Butter & Co. booth I succumbed to their 3 for $10 deal and bought a dark chocolate dreams, white chocolate wonderful, and crunch time.  Can you believe these are all vegan?!?!

The white chocolate wonderful was my favorite.  It tastes just like peanut butter frosting.  I'll be eating this one with a spoon straight out of the jar! 

I also picked up a sample of vegan dog food.  My boyfriend's parents have two older dogs that could both stand to lose some weight.  I'm hoping they will like this little treat that will also be good for their health! 

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