Friday, March 29, 2013

No More Cadbury Cream Eggs

I'm not Christian, so I don't really give much thought to Easter each year ... except of course for the sudden availability of Cadbury cream eggs.  These little candy miracles are so uber sweet that I only ever allowed myself two each year (one when they first make an appearance, and one last minute clearance buy once Easter is over).  But sadly this year will be Cadbury egg-free for me :( 
Chocolate Covered Katie actually has a vegan recipe for her healthy Cadbury cream eggs, but her version fills chocolate egg shells with ice cream for the "cream" and mango or peaches for the "yolk".  An interesting idea, but not exactly trying to replicate the Cadbury cream egg.  Maybe I'll feel ambitious in future years to try to create something for myself, but for today it's more chocolate covered strawberries.  Hey, at least it's chocolate covered something

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