Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shoe Shopping Round 2!

After my failed Novacas attempt, imagine my surprise when I saw that the inside of my go-to black work pumps, made by Bandolino, said "made of quality man-made materials."  I own quite a few pairs of shoes by this brand, so it seems like a good option for my next vegan shoe attempt.   

Inspired by this discovery, I spent some quality time on Amazon looking for some more synthetic Bandolinos.  To narrow it down, I decided to get a new pair of nude work pumps.  I picked out these two pairs and ordered both to see which I liked better in person:

And the verdict?  I kept the top pair.  You can probably even tell from the picture above that the insole is incredibly soft and cushy, plus for some reason the top pair fit while the second was a little big (but both were the same size ... weird).  I also thought the color of the top pair looked better on me - the darker nude in the second pair made me look pale! 
I'm so excited to wear my new vegan shoes.  Now I just need spring to come so I can! 

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