Sunday, March 17, 2013

Did You Know? Nonvegan Products Surround Us

To further complicate things for me, Treehugger put together this helpful list of everyday products you didn't know contained animal ingredients.  For those who don't follow the link:
1. Plastic bags - fortunately I always try to use canvas bags anyway, but I thought this was just for the environment
2. Car and bike tires - I'm not giving up my car, but I don't own a bike, so I guess that's a half-win
3. Glue in woodwork and musical instruments - I don't even know what to say to this ... how can you avoid woodwork? 
4. Biofuels - it looks like this is just a rare oddity and doesn't refer to the government-mandated inclusion of corn in regular gasoline, so I think I'm safe here
5. Fireworks - yeah, I don't ever use these myself and usually don't bother to go see fireworks displays either ... but if I see them out my window I'm still not going to turn away
6. Fabric softener - it looks like higher class people need to worry about this one, but not me :)
7. Shampoo and conditioner - I knew this would be a biggy for me on this journey, and will likely have a long post on this later, but for now my plan is to use up what I've already bought
8. Toothpaste - see above, though apparently Colgate has a green light (I wonder what kind of toothpaste I even have right now?)
9. White and brown sugar - this one isn't news to me and we'll call this line number 4: I'm not giving up sugar and you can't make me. 

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