Saturday, March 16, 2013

Finding Treats

We all know this simple truth of life: sometimes you just need some junk food. But as my recent soup experience taught me, finding vegan processed foods can be tricky. Enter the PETA accidentally vegan guide. While not thoroughly comprehensive, this list can end up a real lifesaver.  It's tiring and sometimes overwhelming to read through the food label of every single thing you want to buy.  But this little gem guides you right to your favorites that you might never have known were vegan. 
Case in point, I learned that Oreos are vegan, as are most of there spin off products. This came in handy when Thursday's soup left me needing something more. Luckily I snagged an Oreo go-pack at the store and my junk food craving was satisfied.  (Plus several future cravings - this thing's got three servings!)  It seems I've lived to be vegan another day.

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