Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Asian Brunch at Joe's

Sunday morning we met friends for lunch at our favorite place for Chinese food in Maryland, Joe's Noodle House.  We already knew this place was great for vegetarian food (they even have an entirely separate vegetarian menu!), but as I posted earlier, Asian food is also a great go-to for vegan dining.

I didn't take any pictures of everything we ordered, because there was so much and it all comes in stages, but it was all delicious.  Instead, enjoy this picture of restaurant ambiance :) 

We ordered the meatless salted soybean milk and jumbo fried noodles, spicy pickled vegetables, pressed bean curd with hot sauce, and mustard greens with bean curd and edamame.  (Bean curd is just tofu.)  We also split ma po tofu without pork with our friends.  I told you it was a lot of food! 
Next time we need to be sure to use that frequest dining card they've got on their website!  I'm sure we would have already filled up several over the years.  

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