Monday, March 25, 2013

Party Favors

Saturday night I attended my first party since "becoming vegan".   I was pretty nervous because it would be the first time I wasn't in control of what I could eat - I was at the mercy of whatever the hosts had to offer.   To help combat this, I stocked up on a few snacky items to bring with.  I brought a six-pack of Dog Fish Head 60 minute IPA, which I knew would be vegan, plus some hummus, pita chips, and olives stuffed with almonds - yum!   It was an extremely smart decision because I didn't warn the hosts of my diet issues and there wasn't much else I could eat.

There were all sort of delicious looking treats that I couldn't eat, which was pretty difficult.  The hosts had homemade strawberry cake and apple pie, and one of the other guests brought cupcakes - including the most delicious looking salted caramel cupcakes.  I would have made a bee-line to those in my pre-vegan days :( 
But I stuck to my vegan ideals and stayed away from the goodies.  It was horrible.  Desserts are my favorite kind of food, and staying away from the tasty treats was no fun.  I tried to shrug it off and remind myself that someone who was trying to lose weight or who had allergies would do the same thing.  It didn't make me any less a part of the party to stick to the veggies and hummus. 
But if I have the time before my next party outing, I'll probably make some vegan treat to share - and most importantly to appease my sweet tooth! 

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