Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Raising Vegan Children

Quick shout-out for this story on the Baltimore Sun website today about raising vegan children.  I was so happy to see this piece about how many folks out there are raising their children to be healthy, compassionate little people. 
One of my best friends from high school's brother-in-law is vegan and a couple years ago she and I discussed raising vegan children.  This was back when I thought I would never be vegan myself, but I said I would want to raise my kids vegan because when you get to them young they don't get these hang ups that adults have about their food habits.  She was on the other side that she wouldn't want to impose that lifestyle on someone else (especially since her brother-in-law became lactose intolerant after being vegan for a while). 
Obviously, you may be setting your child up for a lifetime of veganism or a rough and bathroom-filled transition away from veganism, but the decisions parents make every day will effect their children in countless ways, and I don't see this one as a problem.  If you don't put your child in ballet classes by the time they're 10 they will probably never be a professional ballerina.  Make that age 6 if they are ever going to be an Olympic gymnast.  I don't think anyone would shy away from imposing any of their other values on their children (I'm talking to you, parents who force your children to go to church every Sunday ... or more) and this certainly shouldn't be the exception. 

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