Friday, March 29, 2013

Pantry Lunch

I got a little flustered on my way to work yesterday thanks to some annoyance from my apartment building's management, so somehow I managed to leave for work without actual bringing any food to eat during the day.  Oops.  Worse still, it was a busy day at work so I didn't have time to go out in search of vegan takeaway. 

Fortunately I stock a few extra snacks in my office cupboards for just such an occasion.  For lunch I ate Amy's organic chili.  Like my previous experience with Amy's soup, this one was only so-so.  I could easily see it being a lot better "dressed up" with some crackers, extra spices, and maybe some vegan sour cream (I haven't gotten around to trying vegan sour cream yet, so I don't know if that would actually make it better or not). 

Mid-afternoon I needed a snack (I'm telling you - I'm snackzilla over here), so I had a couple packets of Quaker oatmeal.  Not exactly the healthiest day, but at least I didn't starve to death. 

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