Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Convenience Food Love - Riblet Sandwich with Sweet Potato Wedges

I wound up eating dinner alone Monday night (out of work early - yay!), so I felt like making something easy that wouldn't leave me with eight servings of leftovers. Though I've been doing it a lot lately, this meant I turned yet again to pre-packaged food. But I balanced it out a bit by making homemade sweet potato wedges as a side.   

The wedges are incredibly simple - just cut up wedges, toss with a bit of olive oil and seasoning of choice (in MD this means Old Bay), and bake for about an hour, turning once half-way through.

When the wedges were almost finished I got to work heating up the riblets (I always think of the Simpson's bit about the Ribwich when I eat these, but I'm sure this is way tastier than either the Ribwich or it's cousin, the McRib).  After losing two of my MorningStar favorites, I was really happy to see that at least one convenience food I'd gotten used to was actually vegan. 
My riblet sandwich on a toasted bun with sweet potato wedges on the side proved to be a simple and not-overly-bad-for-you dinner for one.  Horray for vegan convenience foods!   

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