Saturday, March 23, 2013

Helmand Gone Vegan

Last night my boyfriend and I met friends for dinner at The Helmand, one if the best restaurants in Baltimore and probably the best Afghan restaurant in the US ... (my sample size on that is three).  I was a little nervous that turning vegan would ruin my ability to enjoy all my favorite restaurants, but luckily this visit yet again proved that wasn't the case.

Planning ahead, I checked out the menu and realized my favorite dishes were vegan except for a yogurt sauce I could just ask for on the side.   Huge win!   In fact, it was such a huge win I gobbled everything up without even taking a picture ... Whomp whomp.   Bad blogger Lindsay!

But thanks to this great realization, and to the fact that the Helmand is walking distance from my apartment, you can bet I will be back soon and often.

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