Sunday, March 24, 2013


I've been a big fan of snacking for as long as I can remember.   If I could abandon meals altogether and just graze all day long I probably would. Obviously, this can also be a very bad habit that I have to reign in to keep from ending up huge.  But I know I have to indulge my inner snacker from time to time, so I like to keep snacks on hand at work to accommodate those times when I ... just ... have.... to ... snack.

Even more important lately, I've needed to have vegan snacks on hand so I can avoid these temptations that keep showing up at work:

So I brought in my own reinforcements to help curb any crazy cravings that would send me to the candy dish ... or worse.


Thanks to the handy PETA accidentally vegan list, I also found out that Keebler jumbo fudge sticks are vegan!  This was incredibly exciting because I've always loved the regular fudge stick cookies, so I thought the jumbo ones would be a great junk food to turn to (though I'm irritated that the regular ones aren't vegan ... such a small ingredient difference). 

Unfortunately, it turns out the jumbo fudge sticks are not just large cookies, but they're more like candy bars!  They come with only six to a box, each individually wrapped.  They're a bit lighter than a candy bar because of the light wafer filling, but it's still pretty intense ... and you certainly won't need two!  Check this thing out!
I do have quite small hands, but still ...  It's obvious this isn't really a "cookie" at all.  But it's still tasty, and nice to have on hand for a true junk food emergency.  I just wish they were more like half the size.  Or better yet, that the regular cookies were vegan!  Here that, elves? 

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