Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Anniversary Dinner at One World Cafe

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 8th anniversary over the weekend - we use the day we met because we didn't go on a "real date" right away, as college students so often do.   Since we were heading to our friends' house on the "actual" night, Saturday, we decided to celebrate a fake-iversary on Sunday instead.

Because I've been having so much anxiety over eating vegan lately, we decided to head to One World Cafe for dinner - an extremely vegetarian- and vegan- friendly restaurant in Baltimore (probably the most vegan-friendly).   Bonus points: it's right by our alma mater and made us reminiscent of when we were first dating.  Awww ... 

I ordered the OWC wrap sandwich (mixed greens, guacamole, sliced tomato, grated carrot, fresh herbs and sprouts on a sprouted grain tortilla with garlic herb dressing), and my boyfriend ordered the vegan jambalaya (red beans, meatless sausage and Cajun mixed vegetables over organic brown rice).   Both were delicious!   The jambalaya came with cornbread with vegan maple butter on the side - yum!   I might have helped myself to half his cornbread :)

I was most excited for dessert because I know One World has amazing vegan treats and I've been in dire need lately, but unfortunately they were out of all their vegan desserts!  I will definitely be going back soon to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Even without dessert, it was a great dinner with the best dining partner around!

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