Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Food I Already Own

I have a confession. Three days after I "became vegan" I ate a sandwich with mozzarella. I justified it because it was in my fridge and would go bad if it wasn't eaten. Plus just a few days before I would have eaten it without a second thought. In fact, I think I did because it was already half eaten.

But now that the perishables are gone, the question becomes: what about those pesky non-vegan items that could just sit until my boyfriend or someone else takes care of them? These two items designed to make life easier for vegetarians still don't help me out as a vegan:

Worse still, I know there's some Mexican hot chocolate in the cupboard that my boyfriend will never drink.  If I don't do it, it's just going to go to waste.  I feel like I'm back to the cheesed salad I got a while back.  I can't bring myself to waste food.  So I will drink the hot chocolate.  But should I go out of my way to eat these MorningStar items just to get them out sooner than later?  Or should I hope my boyfriend eats them on his own (if I don't prepare them, he probably won't ...)? 
Fortunately I have dinner plans for tonight, so I don't have to make this decision now.  But I'd appreciate feedback on what others have done here! 

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