Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Fail

Monday morning I found myself out of soy milk for my usual protein shake :(  So I decided to dive into one of my new jars of peanut butter and made toast with dark chocolate dreams and banana.  It was so delicious I barely missed my shake! 
A little while later I snacked on some grape tomatoes that were on their last legs and really needed to be eaten before they went bad.  Plus, I'm continuing my goal to be healthy with my eating habits, and this helped counteract the chocolatey breakfast. 

Later in the afternoon I decided to try my hand at making buffalo cauliflower wings, following a recipe I saw a long time ago on the PETA website but had never gotten around to trying.  Plus, I needed to use up cauliflower from paella-making. 
Unfortunately, the flour and water batter for coating the cauliflower came out way too thick and was a goopy mess! 
Even after baking, the batter was thick and chewy, rather than making nice crispy bites of cauliflower like you might expect. 
Fortunately, once everything was nicely coated in hot sauce (I used chalula), it still tasted pretty good.  I think if I ever try this recipe again I'll cut the flour by about half for the same amount of water.  But if it were to work out, it might be a nice appetizer for a party.  Super Bowl next year, perhaps? 

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