Saturday, May 25, 2013

Busy Wednesday

I started my day Wednesday relatively bright and not so early.  The weather wasn't that great but I knew it would only get hotter and I would end up shutting myself in the air conditioning most of the day so I read for a bit on the balcony enjoying my morning protein shake - chocolate, peanut butter, and banana, of course.  
A little while later I headed out to do some errands and go for a run on the NCR Trail.  Before I left I snacked on a chocolate pumpkin cookie for a little boost of energy.  

When I got home from my run islands so sweaty and hot I could think of doing was drinking a big glass of juice.  Luckily while I was at the grocery store I had the foresight to buy some cubed watermelon which I turned into refreshing Agua Fresca.  
I learned an important lesson taking this picture that you shouldn't remove your hand from the top of the blender even to get a nice blog picture.  About three seconds after I took this picture there was Agua Fresca all over the counter and the walls.  Plus all over me.  Luckily I was so thirsty I hadn't showered yet.  

The agua fresca was sweet, delicious, and refreshing.  Unfortunately I don't know how to keep it nicely blended.  I took this picture about 10 seconds after pouring the glass and it had already started to separate.  You really have to down the glass quickly or keep a spoon handy to stir it up.

For lunch I decided to use up leftover rice from the Mexican feast and fill out some soup to make it a bit heartier at the same time.  
I mixed the rice with some tasty cashew carrot ginger soup, which I always have on hand in the cupboard for a quick vegan meal. 

Mixing the two made the soup a lot more substantial, and still delicious

Of course after lunch I still needed a sweet treat, so I snacked on a big scoop of Biscoff spread. 

For dinner I put together sesame noodles - not the simplest meal because of all the ingredients it requires, but it's not as tricky as a lot of other options.  Plus, even though a lot of ingredients are required it really takes no time at all to mix it all up. 

The sesame noodles use lots of flavorful, fresh ingredients.  I guess the noodle part means they're not terribly healthy, but they feel a bit like they are! 

And the recipe always leaves me with enough leftovers for lunch the next day, so I get to have an easy morning the next day getting ready for work.  Win-win!

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