Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cruelty Free Wrinkle Cream

Maybe it's a bit of paranoia, but I feel like I'm at that annoying age right now where I'm still worrying about clear skin but I also need to start concerning myself with wrinkles.  The laugh line on my left cheek, for instance, is starting to look a little pronounced even when I'm not smiling.  I moisturize (not every day), but I started to think maybe it's time for a specialized product to fight back against aging before it gets too firm a hold. 
I'm not about to start importing $100/oz creams from France.  I'm really more in the market for something that would run me no more than $20 and I can get easily while on one of my regular shopping trips.  But rather than just grab any old wrinkle cream, I decided to try my luck scouring the extensive selection at Target for something not tested on animals.  Seems simple, right? 
Far from it.  Turns out nearly every single product in that picture is tested on animals.  It's ridiculous!  I picked up something  from every brand they sold and I literally found one item that said it was cruelty-free. 
What I ended up with was this Yes to Blueberries age refresh cream, which set me back about $20.  I'd never heard of the brand, but it had that all-important rabbit on the back label. 
I've used it twice now and the wrinkle does seem less noticeable.  I certainly wouldn't consider it any kind of miracle cream, but nothing short of the French imports is likely to get such accolades.  But the blueberry scent does smell delicious :) 

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