Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Buffalo Wings Done Right and Pesto Pasta

After failing miserably at creating my own cauliflower buffalo wings, I decided to turn to the experts for lunch Friday.  The Gardein buffalo wings were really easy to prepare straight from the freezer.  The sauce is separate from the "wings", so you could just use the fake chicken and season it differently if you wanted a different flavor, but I was in a full-on buffalo wing mood, so I wanted to do things right. 
You just brown "wings" in a pan with oil while defrosting the sauce in hot water.  Once the wings are browned the sauce is probably good to go, and you can toss the wings to coat. 
I took four of the wings and made a sandwich for lunch with wings, nacho teese, and lettuce.  Odd combo, perhaps, but it was quite tasty.  Then all of about twenty minutes later I went back for the rest of the wings and polished them off.  But fortunately the whole package is 2 1/2 servings clocking in at 225 calories, so there's not much to feel guilty about even if you eat the whole thing. 
Later in the afternoon I snacked on some grape tomatoes.
And later still I went back to the cupboard looking for a sweet treat and came away with a big spoonful of Biscoff spread.  This stuff will probably never see a piece of toast again ... but I'm okay with that! 
For dinner Friday night I boiled some simple pasta to use up the rest of the vegan pesto.  It definitely needed extra salt to make up for the missing real parmesan, but otherwise this was a good alternative to traditional pesto sauce.  I would definitely make it again.  But I would also definitely use fresh basil from my own plant rather than the store-bought stuff.  Not as flavorful by any means. 

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