Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reviving Failed Cupcakes

Saturday for lunch I had a Tofurky sandwich with vegan pepper jack cheese and tomato.  Simple, but tasty. 
Mid-afternoon I looked to the failed almond cupcakes to see if I could turn them into a successful snack. 
Thinking back on the version I did a while back with chocolate frosting and coconut, I dug through my cupboards and found coconut flakes and white chocolate chips. 
I know the white chocolate chips aren't vegan (it's almost impossible to find vegan white chocolate at all!) but I decided that since I'd bought these before I became vegan and they'd need to be used up eventually, now was as good a time as any to bust open the package. 
I melted some white chocolate chips in the microwave and attempted to drizzle the melted chocolate over a crumbled up cupcake.  (The cupcakes won't come cleanly out of the pan, so I decided to ditch the whole "cupcake" idea and go with a cake crumble on a dish.)  The drizzle also came out more like a few big glops of white chocolate.  But once the coconut flakes were sprinkled over the top it didn't look half bad, and luckily it tasted pretty good.  The only problem was it made my teeth feel like I was getting instant cavities ... I probably was! 

For dinner that night I microwaved leftover Italian white bean, kale, and potato stew for a quick healthy meal - and to make up a bit for my indulgent snack.  This stew works really well as leftovers.  Next time I make it I don't think I'll bother to cut the recipe down, but instead make a bunch and have food for a week instead! 

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