Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vegan Movie Snacks

As I mentioned on Thursday's blog, I planned to head out to the movies Thursday night to see The Great Gatsby, so my big task Thursday was to put snacks together that would fit the following criteria:
1. Mix of sweet and salty
2. Tasty - both in my opinion, and in the opinion of non-vegans
3. Could fit in a large purse but not require me to haul around a suitcase
But before I get to the goodies I ended up buying, back to breakfast!  Thursday's breakfast was a protein shake (big surprise, huh?) with half a banana, frozen mixed fruit, vanilla protein powder, flax seed, and vanilla soy milk.  I started drinking it before I even got all the way down the elevator and out to the car!  
For lunch I ate my leftover sandwich and fries from Wednesday's dinner at Judge's Bench.  The sandwich held up pretty well the next day, and I'm glad I got two meals from it given how overpriced it was! 
A little while later I snacked on oatmeal with an extra big scoop of peanut butter.  I'm telling you, this one never gets old!  I could probably eat it every day for the rest of my life and be happy. 
After work I headed home quickly to change and then went right back out to Harbor East, where the movie would be.  Before heading to the theater, though, I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up movie snacks and a little "real" food from the prepared foods bar for dinner. 
From the prepared foods bar I grabbed some roasted brussel sprouts, white bean salad, and curried barley salad.  The barley was my favorite, but everything was delicious.  Plus, Whole Foods helpfully labels everything on the bar so you know if it is vegan or not at just a quick glace without needing to read through every ingredient list. 
The weather was perfect to enjoy my little Whole Foods dinner on a bench by the water.  Unfortunately, I had to gobble everything up quickly because I was running out of time to get to the movie and I wanted to make sure we got good seats. 
I had also brought sandwich bags with me, and used this time to parcel the snacks I'd bought out so that people could have their own baggie and so that everything fit in my purse a little more easily.  (Take that, overpriced movie concessions!)  I bought: Bombay spice crunchy chickpeas, Asian mix, and dark chocolate covered pretzel balls.  We never broke into the chickpeas, but everything else was delicious.  And I think it fit the three criteria pretty well. 
All in all, I'd say vegan movie snacks were a success.  Definitely for me, at least ... and no one else brought snacks, so they can't complain!  Really, there are so many vegan snack options (I think I've demonstrated that time and again with all my snacking!) that there are endless possibilities when it comes to movie night. 
Some ideas for movie night at home (when purse-fitting isn't an issue):
1. Popcorn, of course
2. Cookies
3. Vegan gummy candies
4. Trail mix
What are your favorite vegan movie snacks?

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