Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cleaning Out the Cupboards

After my morning hike on Friday I returned home to clean up a bit and do some chores to make my day feel productive.  But first I enjoyed the weather on the balcony some more.  I gave myself a few minutes to eat some fresh fruit and admire the view.  
Then I headed inside to clean out my cupboards and finally get rid of the last few non-vegan items I could bear to part with.  I don't tend to buy in bulk so there wasn't a lot left.  But I bagged up the few items I had and headed to a local food shelf to drop them off for someone more in need.  

When I got home I headed out to the library to get my next book club book, Starship Troopers.  I love walking to the library in beautiful weather it's about a mile from my house and the Central Baltimore Library is one of those old, historic buildings that puts you in awe every time you see it.  
By the time I got home I was starving and needed to prepare a real lunch.  I pulled together something quickly by cooking up some vegan black pepper steaks from the freezer and roasting some brussels sprouts.  
Then I mixed the two together coding the brussels sprouts thoroughly in the pepper sauce and enjoyed.  Tasty, quick, and simple ... my favorite kind of meal.  

And of course when I was done I needed a sweet treat, so I snacked on some chocolate pretzel balls left over from movie night.
Dinner was inspired by rosemary garlic sauce I found in the cupboard while I was cleaning.  I cooked up some pasta and sautéed broccoli and mushrooms then mixed it altogether with the rosemary garlic sauce and topped with some red pepper flakes.  Another super simple meal that was really delicious.  
After dinner I lounged around for the rest of the night watching TV and playing Civilization Revolution  on the Xbox.  My boyfriend and I are obsessed with getting every kind of win (domination, scientific, cultural, and economic) on every level.  Not sure how we'll ever do it on deity, but it's fun trying! 

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