Thursday, May 23, 2013

Brightening Up the Balcony

Tuesday we were out of bananas (boo!) so I headed out to Starbucks to get an Evolution juice.  My boyfriend had tried the orange juice a few days prior and really liked it, plus he scored a $1 off coupon so I thought I would get my morning juice fix that way.  I opted for the super green, thinking I should get something as different as possible from what I normally make for myself.  The super green was basically a mix of lots of fruits and fruit juice, with just a bit of "green" from wheat grass and spirulina.  You couldn't taste the "green" parts at all, and it just tasted like tasty mixed juice.  That said, even with my $1 off coupon it cost more than $4 ... plus I worked at a Caribou Coffee when I was in high school so I always tip at coffee shops, which brought me right back up above $5.  Awfully pricey for a small bottle of juice. 
After my trip to Starbucks I dropped off recycling and headed out to the grocery store.  When I got home I was starving (that juice doesn't fill you up like a protein shake does!) so I made myself a big feast of leftovers from Mexican food Saturday's dinner.  I reheated black beans and rice, then topped with some nacho teese, salsa, vegan sour cream, and avocado.  Super filling and delicious. 
A little while after lunch I headed out again to get some plants and pots from Ikea to help brighten up our balcony.  Before, all we had was a little folding table and two chairs - enough to spend a little time out there, but not all that attractive to look at out the living room window. 
At Ikea I grabbed a couple of nice looking plants with relatively hardy-looking flowers and two pots for planting.  I liked that the pots looked relatively modern, and also that they were black so they wouldn't show dirt too much.  (We get a lot of soot on the balcony from city life.) 
The plants I got were called Peace Lilies, which apparently aren't real lilies at all.  It's a perennial, which I'm hoping means I can't kill it quite as easily as I seem to do with other plants.  (I'm looking at you, basil!) 
What I'm concerned about is that they are balcony plants so they definitely get some direct sunlight every day (at least every sunny day), but the label said "bright, not in direct sunlight."  I read online that the plant will yellow if it is getting to much light, so I may have to quickly move it indoors if it's looking like it gets too much light on the balcony.  And I guess that will be the end of my attempt to brighten our outdoors! 
But in the meantime things are already looking a little nicer outside.  After I finished my potting I sat outside for a bit reading and enjoying the trees.  I swear, it felt like there was just a bit more oxygen out there too! 

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