Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hunan Taste and Another B.A.T.

Saturday morning for breakfast I made a tasty banana raspberry protein shake using vanilla protein powder.  I don't really notice a difference from the extra protein in my diet, but I suppose it could be one of those situations where if I stop it I would notice the change.  Hard to say.  Plus, this protein powder has 25% of your daily value of B12 per serving, which I know is something vegans need to be sure they add into their diet since they won't be getting it from animal sources.  The B12 in the protein powder plus the B12 added into soy milk (50% of your DV per serving - and I usually use about 1 1/2 servings to make a shake) adds up to all you need for the day, before you've even had lunch!  B12 is necessary for the  normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood ... so it's definitely important to get it in your diet. 

For lunch Saturday my boyfriend and I went with his father to Hunan Taste in Catonsville.  Though it looks unassuming in a strip mall, the retstaurant is beautifully decorated inside with ornate, antique-looking furniture and decorations.  There is a beautiful wood piece that serves as a screen just as you walk through the front doors. 
Throughout the restaurant there are hanging lanterns that manage to look Asian chic, rather than cheap or tacky. 
At lunch we ordered Chinese Leek with Shredded Dried Bean Curd, Home Style Tofu, and Sauteed Dou Miao with Garlic.  Unfortunately, we just about ordered everything vegetarian on the menu with those three dishes.  It's really not a vegetarian-friendly restaurant - though the waiter proudly announced "all vegetarian" when he brought our dishes.  Good thing, since we'd specified to him that we were vegetarian when ordering ... to make sure hidden meat didn't end up in our food.
Someone looking for tripe, gizzard, or ox tongue would probably be incredibly be happy there, but not us.  Later when we got home my boyfriend said he never wants to go back.  There are just too many delicious Chinese restaurants in Maryland to waste our time and money at someplace that isn't trying to serve vegetarians. 

For dinner Saturday night I whipped up some more B.A.T. sandwiches.  These have become a real winner for us and I will definitely be turning to these again and again. 
On the side I snacked on some red hot blues.  Chips and a sandwich ... a match made in heaven, right?! 

After dinner I wanted something sweet to finish my night so I had a big scoop of white chocolate wonderful peanut butter.  This one is definitely my favorite of the three I bought at VegFest.  It is a lot sweeter than peanut butter, so it really makes you feel like you're having a bit of dessert.  But it's peanut butter, so the protein makes it good for you! :) 

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