Monday, May 27, 2013

Incredibly Unhealthy Saturday

Saturday morning I enjoyed a strawberry banana protein shake and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake for breakfast. A little while later I went out to run some errands and heading to target and getting groceries.  I have to stop to grab fast food lunch.  Unfortunately I left my cell phone at home and couldn't take a picture of the delicious Qdoba burrito.  I'm sure you're all so sad.  
Because I ate my dinner so late, I wasn't really hungry for dinner.  Instead I smacked my way to the evening starting with a bowl of caramel apple crunch cereal.  
This stuff is so delicious I can't get enough! 
A little while later I had some graham crackers topped with dark chocolate dreams peanut butter.  Kind of like an open-faced s'mores ... minus the marshmallow. 
Yeah, this was a pretty unhealthy day.  There are going to need to be some big changes toward healthier eating in the future ...

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