Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Preparing the Fridge for Tonight's Power Outage

I started off Tuesday morning with a strawberry banana protein shake and a quick trip to the gas station on the way to work.  Normally I try to plan gas stop-offs for the evenings so I don't have to rush to be on time for work, but I don't always pull it off.  Luckily I was still on time. 
I knew I would lunch would be postponed for a meeting, so I had a quick spoonful of peanut butter mid-morning to keep my stomach from grumbling too loudly in front of everyone! 

When I finally got to eat lunch, I enjoyed cashew carrot ginger soup mixed with leftover rice.  This is such a good way to give store-bought soup more substance.  I can't believe I haven't been doing this for years!

A little later in the afternoon I snacked on an apple.  Trying to keep turning to those healthy snacks! 
Our apartment building is cutting the power for some unknown reason overnight tonight, so it's made me take a look at the things we have stocked in the freezer to see what we can use up or toss.  We've also been making ice like crazy to keep the fridge cooled.  Anything that really needs to stay frozen (popsicles, frozen fruit) we'll run over to my boyfriend's parents' house tonight.  One of the great benefits of being vegan is you don't stock a lot of food that can actually go bad if the fridge ends up "cool" instead of "cold"! 
So for dinner last night I decided to make up some vegetable dumplings I've had stashed in the freezer for way too long. 

I pan fried the dumplings and tossed them with a bit of Thai peanut sauce for extra flavor.  They were quite tasty, if a bit over-cooked. 

Unfortunately they weren't quite enough to tide me over for the evening, so I snacked on a bowl of caramel apple cereal for dessert.  It was a bit of a sweet treat without being a full-blown dessert.  It's also the last of that box of cereal, and I'm going to try to be good and not buy anymore for a while.  Trying to stick to the healthy treats!  What are those again? 

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