Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day BBQ Without the Picnic

Memorial day I slept in yet again and then was up for a while reading before I was finally ready for breakfast.  I enjoyed mango banana smoothie pretty close to lunchtime.

Mid-afternoon I was getting a bit hungry, but I wanted to hold out for my boyfriend to come home before actually eating lunch, so I whipped up some Parmesan and garlic roasted edamame, inspired by this recipe from Carrots 'n Cake blogger, Tina Hauper.  But of course I veganized the recipe by using Parmela vegan parmesan.  These were so tasty.  They were the perfect little snack.  Unfortunately I used up the last of my frozen edamame making this tiny little bowl, so I'll have to get more at the grocery store soon!
A little while later my boyfriend finally came home and we both dug into the last of the quinoa salad for lunch.  We both love how this stuff makes you feel really full, but also seems healthy and doesn't weigh you down. 
It was also the perfect lunch because we planned to head out for a hike to enjoy the beautiful Memorial Day weather! 
We didn't want to take too long, so we drove over to the Hilton area of Patapsco Valley State Park.  We decided to do a quick loop of the Buzzard's Rock Trail (about two miles), but you could keep hiking quite a distance from this trail head if you wanted to.  The trail is mostly a flat, super easy hike, but a couple of significant grade changes make it challenging too.  Just enough to remind you it's a hike and not just a walk through the woods! 
By the time we got home we were both pretty hungry, so I was glad I'd thought to bake a couple of sweet potatoes earlier in the day.  Dinner came together in no time at all.  Though we weren't attending any Memorial Day picnics, I decided to make us a BBQ-ish dinner in an ode to the traditional Memorial Day meal.  I made BBQ riblet sandwiches with mashed sweet potatoes on the side.  The sweet potatoes were so delicious, I didn't even miss skipping dessert.  (I'm trying to be healthy, remember?!) 

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