Friday, May 3, 2013

May Day Flowers in Annapolis

Wednesday for lunch I had ... you guessed it!  Vegan paella!  I'm getting pretty sick of this stuff.  Lesson for next time (if there is a next time ... maybe in a year once I get it out of my memory) ... cut the recipe to make 1/4 of it. 

Mid-afternoon a couple of coworkers and I took a little break from work to walk around Annapolis to see the May Day flower baskets that businesses put out as part of an annual contest sponsored by the Garden Club of Old Annapolis.  Apparently the winners get invited to a tea party! 
It was also best to see them the first day because they are fresh cut flowers that will begin to wilt in just a few days (or sooner). 
As soon as we started walking we came upon this beautiful arrangement outside a jewelry store (hence the engagement ring design).  Not only are the arrangements beautiful, but because they are all real, fresh cut flowers, they smell amazing

You would expect the arrangement at the florist to be top notch! 

This tiered arrangement was pretty dramatic.  Plus, excellent use of ribbons. 

This arrangement really caught my eye.  Fittingly, it was outside of the Pink Crab, a clothing store on Market Space (down by the water). 

Not every single business participated (a lot of larger chain places opted out), but some participated in spirit. 

A lot of businesses tried to represent themselves a bit in their flower arrangements.  Like these beer boxes hung on the door of a bar on Main Street. 

This was by far my favorite, of course, because of the Doctor Who theme.  This box was outside a comic book store on Main Street.  There's even a little Dalek! 

This was the Governor's entry.  Actually pretty tame, considering the buget he probably has to throw behind it.  But I suppose people don't want their tax dollars going to win the Governor a spot at a tea party! 
The weather was gorgeous for the walk, and it was really great to get out of the office for a bit to see the flowers and participate in an event that seems pretty unique (I've never heard of anything like this anywhere else).  There were lots of other people out to see the entries, take pictures, and just taking time to stop and smell the flowers!  

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