Thursday, May 30, 2013

Currently Survey

Thought I'd have a little fun with this post by doing this "currently survey" I saw on Carrots 'n Cake the other day.  It looked like fun and I thought maybe I would try to do it periodically as a fun snap-shot of life on any given day. 
And away we go ...
Current Book:

I started The Passage in March and am still working on it (750 pages!).  But I'm finally nearing the end.  Which is good, because it also happens to be my book club's June book.  I have to finish it by next week ...
Current Music:

I pretty much love Imagine Dragons right now, but my boyfriend's always making fun of me for it because he thinks they have no talent and all their songs sound the same.  But I love them all the same. 
Current Guilty Pleasure:

I'm not supposed to be having any guilty pleasures anymore because I'm trying to be healthier ... but lately it definitely seems to be peanut butter.  In any form ... but my real favorite is still the White Chocolate Wonderful from Peanut Butter & Co.  (They should pay me I talk about them so much!)
Current Nail Color:

I call this "school bus yellow" ... only because I don't have the bottle handy to tell you what the brand named it. 

Current Drink:

That's got to be my ever-present protein shakes ...
Current Food:

I'm still pining for the quinoa salad I made Sunday and am plotting my next recipe.  I'm thinking white beans, artichoke hearts, capers, and tomatoes ...  Stay tuned! 

Current [Favorite] Show:

I always immerse myself completely in one show on Netflix and watch it all the way through before turning to something else.  Right now, it's Alias.  I took out "favorite" because my favorite show is and will probably always be Firefly
Current Wish List:

I had so much fun volunteering with Habitat for Humanity last week that my current wish is to find more opportunities like that to connect with something that feels valuable and like an opportunity for personal growth.  Too often I go through the motions and don't challenge myself in life.  I want to seize every opportunity to do more and expand my horizons. 

Current Needs:

To get over my sugar cravings! 

Current Indulgence:

I just bought this bracelet from MyHabit.  I'd been thinking about getting a shiny metal cuff for a while and this one appeared at just the right moment (and the right price!).  The best part is that I have really small wrists and hands, so bracelets always look way too big and slide off too easily, but this one fits me really well. 

Current Blessing:

My boyfriend, who is also my best friend.  I'm so lucky to have him as a part of my life.  Even if he hates Imagine Dragons ...

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  1. to be fair I didn't say that they have no talent and all their songs sound the same, just that they're derivative