Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shoe Shopping Confession

I have a confession.  I have a little bit of a shoe shopping problem.  I go too often, and I always seem to find somethig I like.  I have no understanding of people who say you only need three pairs of shoes: dress, casual, and sport.  Those people are nuts. Shoes are just the perfect item of clothing.  They'll never make you look or feel fat.  Once you hit a certain age it's almost impossible to outgrow them.  All you can do is wear them, love them well, and eventually they will have done all they can to serve you and they wear out.  But if you have enough pairs of shoes, that day will be significantly postponed. 
The other day I hit up DSW to look for some black sandals, as my previously beloved, super-comfortable pair wore out last year and I had yet to find a suitable replacement.  Still no luck on the sandal front, but of course I came away with two cute pairs of winter shoes - some great snow boots (how cool are those?!) and a pair of casual ankle boots. 
Here's where confession number two comes in ...  Those ankle boots are leather.  I know, I know.  I've been trying to transition to cruelty-free goods in addition to changing my diet, but sometimes with shoes it's just so hard!!!  I have incredibly small feet, so Novacas were a no-go for me.  And finding shoes that "just happen" to be vegan can be really difficult.  Especially when you walk into a DSW and see a really cute pair of boots that fit you and are marked 80% off.  I'll say that again ... 80% off!  So I bought them. 
My guilt is somewhat balanced by the fact that the cute snow boots are vegan ... but I'm not sure if I had just been presented with the ankle boots and no vegan counter-balance that I wouldn't have still bought them. 
I think a lot of people would say changing to a vegan diet would be the hard part for them, but clothing seems like it will definitely be my personal vegan nemesis ...

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