Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sailing the Chesapeake

Friday evening Josh and I were invited to a friend's house in Annapolis to go sailing.  I wasn't sure what the food situation would be, so I decided to make banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookies to share ... and to make sure I would have something to eat myself.  Panda was more than happy to help make sure the bowl got all clean. 
These cookies are pretty easy (as long as you already have all the ingredients on-hand), and everyone always loves them.  I've brought them into work without ever telling anyone they were vegan, and people just raved about them. 

For this version I used pecans (because that's the nut I had), but usually I use walnuts or you could go without nuts at all. But that would be nuts! (See what I did there?) 
It was a beautiful day for sailing.  It was really hot on land, but with the lovely breezes on the bay it was quite comfortable.  We stayed out for a couple of hours enjoying the sights and the company.

And I'm glad I brought the cookies!   We stayed out until sunset, with nothing but cheese and crackers, cookies, and champagne.  I munched on a few plain crackers, but that definitely wouldn't have been enough to hold me until dinner.  When we finally came in we took a bit before heading out to a Mexican restaurant where I enjoyed an avocado salad with no cheese.  By that point I was starving.  Good thing I'd had a few cookies to tide me over.  (Ha!  Too many puns today ...) 

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