Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Shoes ... This Time Vegan!

I've been feeling a bit guilty after my leather shoe purchase earlier this month.  I went in for a pair of black sandals and came out with two pairs of boots ... one of which was leather.  So, naturally, the best way I could think to remedy my shoe shopping sins was to go out and buy a pair of vegan shoes to make up for the leather pair. 
My shoe math is excellent. 
But a brick and mortar shoe store clearly offered too much temptation, so I left this particular shoe shopping trip to the interwebs, where I came across this cute pair of black, synthetic, sandals.   They looked like they would be super comfy, but "sophisticated" enough that I could wear them to work - a critical point.  I'd never heard of the brand before, but the price was right ...
They arrived Monday and they're everything I'd hoped!  They are definitely comfortable and I think they're pretty cute too.  I wore them to work both yesterday and today, and have gotten several compliments on them too. 
Yay for cute vegan shoes! 

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