Friday, July 5, 2013

Dinner at Cafe Spice

I spotted these yummy looking snacks in Whole Foods Tuesday and just had to try them.  Notice how it says they are "cuddled" in peanut butter and a bustle of oats?  And what's a "bustle" of oats?  Unfortunately, I should know better than to buy something like this, because by the end of the day the bag was almost completely empty!  Whomp whomp.  Seven servings?!  More like 1 1/2! 

For lunch I enjoyed yummy leftover vegan lasagna.  Sadly, that's the last of it.  Until I make it again ...  Luckily it was so easily and delicious I definitely see lots more vegan lasagna in my future. 

After work my boyfriend and I had made plans to go rock climbing at the gym, but neither of us really felt up to it, so we decided to skip it and make the most of the evening by heading out to dinner at Cafe Spice.  This place is probably our favorite restaurant in all of Baltimore, so we'll really miss it when we move down to the DC area.  While we're still here, we're trying to get in as many visits as possible. 

The restaurant is beautifully decorated, and the owners even said the next time they go to India they will pick up some of these beautiful umbrellas for customers who have expressed an interest in them!  I think I'll be putting myself on that list! 

Every time we go we always start out with the Gobi Manchuri appetizer - spicy fried cauliflower.  It doesn't sound all that special, but trust me ... it is! 

And for our entrees we ordered Malabari Kofta and Bhindi Masala - two dishes we'd never ordered there before.  I loved the Malabari Kofta, but we both thought the Bhindi Masala was a little bland.  Oh well.  That's why you try new things ... to remind yourself that you really prefer your old favorites!

The only sad part of dinner was when the complementary dessert came out ... rice pudding.  I had to just sit their and envy Josh while he ate the whole thing by himself!  I think I'm going to have to try to make vegan rice pudding sometime soon ...

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